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My name is Mark Sinclair and I am a 24 year old student from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

This wiki is an account of some the research and projects that I am currently involved in as well as some which I have previously.

I recently graduated from an MEng in Electronics with Music from the University of Glasgow (July 2009).

My main interests involve various aspects of signal processing and technology, particularly relating to speech and music.

If you would like to contact me for further information or even just general discussion of the topics please click here for details.


I have strong programming skills including C/C++/C#, Java, and Python.

I also have good knowledge of hardware development tools such as FPGA protyping and VHDL.

I am particularly keen on digital signal processing and enjoy studying related mathematics.

For speech technology, I have a lot of experience working with HMM-based technologies and the HTK toolkit from Cambridge University.

As part of the University of Glasgow Formula Student team I gained experience working with automotive electronics (e.g. sensors and CAN Networks).

I also have an amateur interest in game development and have been using the DirectX API as well as SDK's such as Microsoft's XNA and Valve's Source.


I was fortunate enough to have been accepted for the following industrial placement-:

Location Role Duration
Speech Solutions, Asahi Kasei, Japan Acoustic Model Developer (intern) May 08 - Jan 09

I gained lots of valuable experience and knowledge during this time. My acoustic models also showed commercial success and can be found in Nissan cars and Xanavi systems in the UK from 2009.

My Synthetic Corpus technique was also adopted by my employer and continues to be maintained there. It has saved a lot of time and money by reducing the quantity of training data that needs to be outsourced.


Speech Technology

  • Speaking Style Modification - A method for increasing the size and variety of a training corpus by modelling the prosodic features of different speaking styles and then modifying existing recordings. (C++ and Python)
  • Telephone Number Intonation - A look at the effect of modelling common intonation patterns found in telephone numbers for an HMM-based speech recognition system.

Music Technology

  • Numina - A real time pitch-tracker written in Max/MSP used to control a sampler or FM synth. It is optimised for use with an electric guitar.
  • C What I'm Saying? - A composition written entirely in CSound and designed to showcase realistic instruments and effects derived from scratch.

Other Signal Processing

Other General

  • Capacitive Fuel Sensor - A working design for a non-mechanical capacitive fuel sensor, used in the University of Glasgow Formula Student car.

Music General

I also enjoying many other aspects of music including playing and producing.

For some of my electronic/experimental work-:

And for some more contemporary projects-:

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